Here it is! The moment you all didn’t know you were waiting for! The unveiling of my new series title and the first book to be released by the end of next month!

Are you ready?

~The Romance Event of the Year~
That’s right, my new series is REN’AI RENSAI (“The Serial of Love”),and the first installment, releasing next month, is “DAISUKI.” (“I Love You”). 
The series chronicles the lesbian relationship of two Tokyoites over the span of twenty years. “DAISUKI” begins during year 19, when one of them still refuses to say “I love you”. (I’m in the midst of writing the first draft of the second one, which covers the origins of their relationship way back in 1992!) So as you can see, there is no particular chronological order to this series. 
It’s a spinoff of my main CROSS// series (as it stars two minor characters), and will serve double duty as an introduction to the world. Oh wait, it’s not a fantasy! Oh well! It’s what I felt like writing! “DAISUKI”‘s first draft was written during Camp Nano back in June. Needless to say, I’ve been working non stop on it to get it polished!
I’ll be announcing the blog tour for late September/October tomorrow, along with the general release of further news, including cover, blurb, and character bios! I am so excited!
I swear I am!
Even though I’m so sleep I’m about to pass out!