Weekly Writing Check-In: Stuff Happened!

Remember last week when I was so bored and had nothing new to talk about, that I had to post a video of a crazy Japanese video game commercial to keep things alive? But thankfully I have new things to talk about this week! Friday I announced my new series, REN’AI RENSAI, and the first installment “DAISUKI.” releasing on September 28th! And on Saturday I announced my promotions for September and the blog tour for October. Exciting!

Sadly, not everything has been so happenin’ this week. On Wednesday we noticed our oldest cat wasn’t eating anymore, and on Friday we took her to the vet and found out our suspicions were true:  her cancer is back, and this time it’ll probably be the end of her. Thankfully, we’ve got her on medicine that makes her happy and act healthy again. It’s just we don’t know how long it will last, and when she will want to go. So until then, we’re coddling her and giving her way, way too much leeway in this house..heh.

So because of anguishing over the cat all week, I never got any sleep and was a zombie these past couple of days. No writing got done whatsoever. OH well, I’m a few thousand ahead in Camp, so I could afford it. But I need to get back on track by tomorrow at the latest.

(And for those wondering at home, here’s our sweetie darlin’ kitty before she got all sick and unwell.)