30 Days of Writing: #6

If only my workspace was this clean.

6. Where are you most comĀ­fortĀ­able writĀ­ing? At what time of day? ComĀ­puter or good olā€™ pen and paper?

First question is quite easy.  I can write anywhere.  Growing up riding the school bus for two hours every day has trained me to tune out outside distractions, even if it’s as simple as turning on my ipod.   But the most common place I write is spliced between any of my desks and lying in bed.  Writing in bed for about a half hour to an hour is how I unwind and get ready for sleepy-times.  It usually also causes me to have really whacky dreams.

Mentally I can concentrate better at writing in the late afternoon/evening, but my creative peak is at the midnight hour or later.  There’s something about the quiet darkness that just opens my imagination and lets me get right to work.  It’s probably why I like to write before going to sleep.

And the last part of this question is also incredibly easy.  Computer! I can’t write long hand anymore.  I type at 120wpm and get hand cramps after writing out two sentences.  I type as fast as I can formulate the words in my head and that helps me get crap done.  I grew up typing on computers, so that’s how my brain has associated the writing process for me.  My stories just look weird in my handwriting – it has to be neutral Times New Roman.

I do, however, write out notes in special notebooks I keep in my office space.  This is mostly so I can do this stuff outside.  And I don’t do it very often.  I actually kinda fail at it.  Damnit!

Well, it’s nearing the midnight hour, that must mean it’s time to go work on a novel. Yaaay!