NaNoWriMo Season is Afoot.

Feel the writin’ burn.

Well, it’s time.

National Novel Writing Month 2010 season is here!

Just to get things out of the way, if you would like to add me as a writing buddy, here is my profile!

This year is a bit different for me. Not only do I plan on working on a “new” novel this year, but I am also acting as Municipal Liaison of my home region, Oregon South Coast. It’s gonna be a  busy couple of months, but you know, I’m unemployed and have the time to do it. 

Now here’s the REAL announcement from my writing front.  I am too close to finishing the manuscript for CROSS//Rebirth for me to want to work on it this November. So my goal is to write 1700 words a day until I finish the first draft. And then for Nano? The next installment for the series, CROSS//Revenge is up. I already have most of what I needed outlined for it, so the real challenge is finishing up the first manuscript!

I have no idea how many pages are left, but I’m nearing the final confrontation and it should only be a few more chapters. Ugh, how good will that feel, anyway?

So is anybody else excited for nano this year?!