Weekly Writing Check-In: Sometimes Sleep Really Is More Important

Writing wise, absolutely nothing was accomplished this week.  I can blame my day job for that.  It was an hour-packed week, with full days and a whole lotta commuting all over the prefecture. My one-day weekend was spent restocking on food, cleaning, and I think a shower is gonna be shoved in there somewhere.  Of course, I did my appropriate amount of “OMFG I SHOULD WRITE” but I was so exhausted every damn day that I always crashed early and still felt like death even after 10 hours of sleep. But that week is over and now it’s back to regular hour fun times! Great timing too, because Nano starts in a little over a week!

 One of the things I did this week to unwind was read through a lot of blogs and forums, like I usually do, but this week that (and watching movies) was all my brain could handle. Something I came across was the recent development of Amazon signing up authors at a place that is definitely not writing-topic centered. As anticipated, most of the comments centered around how this will just mean more people will self-publish fan-fiction because we all know it’s still super easy for “real” authors to get published by the big names.

I’m used to reading this sort of thing – most people, especially those who aren’t involved in writing/the publishing world, are understandably ignorant to what’s going on in today’s market. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not a massive headdesk moment (and not to mention, gut stabbing) to always read “Authors who self-publish just suck and their stuff is obviously drivel. ALL THE TIME. If it was any good a real publisher would pick it up!” Not only is this just not true, it also erases all the self-published authors who have chosen to forgo even submitting to agents/publishers in the first place for whatever reason.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that a lot of self-published stuff isn’t still…well, obviously not ready for publication. Part of our jobs as authors is to recognize when our work is not ready, or when WE’RE not ready, for world release. It’s easy for us to fall into the trap of excitement and lofty ambitions, especially when it’s sometimes super hard for us authors to get any sort of material validation for our works. But that’s how it goes. It still does not also mean that there’s a LOT of good self-published stuff out there. I know I’m looking forward to getting an E-reader at the end of this year so I can start reading my To Read list on the cheap.

Bleh. Now excuse me. I seriously have to try and finish this chapter in time for Nano. If I’m super good this week I may even get  more editing done! Like I said, folks, lofty ambitions!