NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 7: Self-Doubt settles in..

Day #: 7

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 22,073
Amount to 50k Goal: 27,927
Total # of Pages: 42
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 🙁
Drive: Overly-Critical

Today’s Hilarious Forum Topic: to and too because you enjoy seeing people be horrible to each other.

Good lord, it’s here.

The self-doubt.

I don’t necessarily go through this during every nano, or even every draft – but this one is taking a lot of that right now. I’ve been reading what I write as I go along and just, wow. There is a lot of dialogue. And since it’s a first fly-by draft it’s utter, UTTER crap. Obviously that’s what first-drafts are for, but that doesn’t mean seeing yourself type your authorisms over and over doesn’t make you groan about the editing to come.

This  story in general has been giving me some problems. The main one is that this is a “transitional” novel that sets up the one after it in the series. I can’t skip the events in this novel because the third novel will make no sense without it. And it’s way too much to combine with the next novel. It’s actually not the plot that so much has the problem…it’s mostly just…there’s something missing. You know. That “missing” element. It’s like there’s one overarching plot point that I don’t have yet that I DESPERATELY need. It’s been coming along and getting better, and I know where the series will be at the end. But I always know where I’m going. It’s the getting there part that’s a pain in the ass for me.

My main problem is that there isn’t many action scenes in this novel, and they’re all spread pretty far apart. I don’t mind that much, except for the first novel had a lot more driving action in it. This one is mostly a revenge-chase plot as opposed to Magical Item Collecting While Bad Guys Fight You For Them plot. S’how it goes. Everything will work out, but right now I’m just like…blah. I  just gotta keep pushing on and hopefully that Missing Thing will pop out sooner rather than later. ‘Cause right now even I’m a little bored with what’s going on. (I think it’s because all the juicy stuff happens in the second half of the novel and this nano finished up the first half. Also, one of my antagonists is having a mid-life crisis all of a sudden and doesn’t wanna antagonize anymore.) I think my worry is mostly that, as it is, if a reader comes otu of the first book and then reads this one, they’ll think “wow, this is so boring compared to the first one”. Like I said, I’ll figure it out, but that doesn’t mean I won’t freak out about it first.

Yay! Also, business trip this week! I hope I get writing done =(