NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 21: Still going, minus the infection.

Day #: 21
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 52,057
Total # of Pages: 99

As you can see, I am still writing. I have dedicated the month of November to working on this manuscript so I might as well use it, right? Even if I feel like I’m floundering during some hours I know I want to get as much done as I can this month before it’s back to editing next month and I wish I could write more.

I ended up taking the day off yesterday because I caught the 24hour flu. Not fun, and I ended up taking today off from work (which you know, for me, means srs bsnss) but I was clear headed enough this evening to get some writing done. I’m kinda annoyed, because I’ve been whining about wanting to write an “action scene” for so long, and now I’m in the middle of one and I’m too grody feeling to go through with it. Such is life.