NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 27: 60k+ done.


Day #: 27
Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 60,009
Total # of Pages: 113

Not only did I manage to break 60k today, but I also wrote over 4k words which I’m preeeetty sure is a record for me. Yeah, I wrote a lot today. Wrote before going to sleep last night, wrote at the local write-in today, and then wrote some more when I got home. It reaaaallly helps that I finally plowed through that “boring” scene and am finally getting to the meatier stuff. I also realized today that my two FMCs only had one interaction in the very first scene and, about 200 pages into this manuscript, still haven’t spoken to or seen each other since. Damn plot lines dividing!

My next goal is 65k before the end of the month. Pretty sure I can do it. I really wanted to write 70k this year for nano but it’s not gonna happen after the stomach flu last week. Oh well, can’t complain!

Also, that stats page cap is freaking me out.