2 Truths & A Lie: Writer’s Edition

Damn straight the Truths are orange.

Meme time! Well, maybe it’s a meme. I think things only turn into memes for real if people actually repeat them…or something.

Anyway, the other night I was watching a movie in which the characters were playing Two Truths And a Lie. And after years and years of playing that game as an icebreaker, most people are able to tell what my lie is. So I thought today, for the first of five blog posts this week, I would play Two Truths And a Lie – Writer’s Edition!

The rules are simple. I’ll post three “facts” about my writing life. Two of them are true, and one of them is a lie. I’m asking ~you~ to comment which one you think is the lie. First person to get it right will get a fun shout-out in the next entry!

1) I have one of “those” drawers. You know, the drawer where all the crap I wrote years ago went. I don’t just mean stories from when I was a kid that was never meant for publication, but stories that were…meant for publication. The total amount of stories in there? 12 full novels I can’t bring myself to look at again.

2) I’m not really a notebook person. I know most authors are totally into notebooks upon notebooks of, well, notes, but that’s never been me. I’m purely digital. And notes? I only write them down if I think I’m likely to forget, which isn’t often.

3) I think I’m the one author with a cat who DOESN’T get “help” from the cat. She’s totally disinterested in my laptop. It actually makes me kind of sad. I want my kitty to help me write. 🙁

Dare you 😛