Weekly Writing Check-In: At least I’m being productive…

Last month I promised that I would get back to editing CROSS//Rebirth at the start of the new year. Well, I would love to do that, but between my day job, being sick AGAIN and jet lag I can barely stay awake long enough to eat and shower every night. But I have been cramming in some writing time. I continue to work on CROSS//Revenge even though I’m still not sure what the climax is going to be. It’s funny, usually I know what the major climax is in every novel I write while I struggle with the path from A to B, but this draft has been the complete opposite of that. I can see all the little plots coming together and know exactly how each character is developing at this point in the series, but I have no idea what the main conflict at the end is going to be! Ha. Meanwhile, I dragged out the Camp draft, CROSS//Process for a quick reread, and I’ve managed to floor myself. If you’ve been following along, then you know that I normally write in third person omniscient, but Process is written in third person limited. It’s amazing how different my style is in limited. Whenever I read through this particular draft I wonder if I really wrote it. It’s very dark, very gritty, and very, well, dooooom. Probably because it’s destined to not have a happy ending, prequel novel and all.

Still, I wonder if I’ll ever get back to editing soon. =( I need more time in a day!

Meanwhile, I’ve added a Hubpages page to the top of my blog here. Now you can access all my pages in a handy-dandy list. Fancy!