Hubpages Wednesday: MOAR CATS.

I held every one of these cats. Jealous?

Only one hub to share with y’all this week, but it’s one that I had a lot of fun “researching” and writing up!

Basically, Japanese Cat Cafes: The Best in Pet Rentals!

Cat cafes are like a beacon of light in my life here in the land of extreme weather and social isolation. Oh, and really, really missing my cats back home.

I had hoped to have another one this week, but my output has been less than satisfactory. Oh well. At least I know what my next one is going to be now. I’m starting to make steady cents now, and all my hubs are being ranked high and quality so, really, #15 (which is considered a milestone at HP) should be good!

Oh, and there’s video at that there hub. That I took myself. Of lots of cats.

Lots of cats.

Many many cats.