Hildred’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

I’ve always wanted to be a singer-songwriter. But I assure you all I would come up with a better Best Of title than that.

Anyway, partly for me, mostly for you, I’m compiling a list of my “best” blog posts here ever since I first started writing in 2008. (Well, I’ve been on Blogger since about 2010, but I imported posts before that here.) These are the posts that I feel best reflect my opinions on writing, got some interesting discussions both on and off Blogger, and just in general you can look at if you would like to get to know my blog a little bit better! I’ll be posting them in chronological order with their original month of publication because omg some of these are so old and yet I remember the exact  moments of writing them. Life. Tell it stop speeding by.

I hang out with John and Joanne at the library. (August 2009) Writing exercise.
– “Who’s the Puppet, Who’s the Master?” (November 2009) Character rant.
– “I think you may just be complicating…everything” and other stories about apples burning down houses told in less than 100 pages and no less than five run-on sentences.  (July 2010) Novels vs. Short Stories
– “Hello? Random person? I have a question for my novel…yes, I can hold?” (September 2010) lol.
– “But are you a -real- author?” (January 2011) Publishing Rant
“UM EXCUSE YOU I’m busy talking to myself here.” (August 2011) Writing quirks.
Why I Write (September 2011) Blog meme, general thoughtfulness.
Why My Debut Novel Will Never Be Traditionally Published (October 2011) Bam.
Technicalities, Vol 3: Who are you? Why are you in my novel? (October 2011) Character rant.
Fun With  Maps: Homegrown Homes (December 2011) Writing notes.
Fun With Maps: Now…where do those homes go? (December 2011) Writing notes.
– Why I don’t write Young Adult Fiction  (December 2011) Not trolling, I swear.

Bam. Greatest Hits In Blogging Vol 1. Please excuse the typos in the older entries, I ain’t gonna fix anything at the moment~

ALSO. I’m trying to decide what to post on Monday. Right now I have two articles ready to go. One is called “Why Queer Characters Are Important In Fiction” and the other is “I’d Rather Feed The Trolls”. Based on titles alone, which one piques your interest more?

My cat thanks you for your time.

For your trouble, here is my cat on the roof. Sigh.