Weekly Writing Check-In: Wait…oh…oh oops.

What I should’ve spent my weekend doing.

AHAHAHA @ ME LOL. I didn’t write much this week. Kinda taking a weekend break because a friend from Tokyo visited me and we just kinda partied all over the place. And when I did have time to write I decided sleep was more important. How very dare I, I know.

Meanwhile, playing a lot of Sims again. Novel characters are the best in this game. One of them even got a horse this weekend. Ain’t that special? That’s special.

Meh, let’s be real. The reason why I’m not writing as much really is because I’m not as inspired with where I’m at right now. Hence, a little break to recharge the muse. Mostly I just haven’t written some good ol’ fashion’d  smut in a while. Too much plot, not enough sex. Happens in books, I hear. The answer is to just go ahead and write some unrelated smut, but then I feel bad because I’m not working on what I should be working on. Vicious cycles. Sigh.

But at this rate I may just go ahead and write some smut.

I may or may not let you know how it turns out.