Weekly Writing Check-In: Chapter 8, why.

Had a fairly busy week again, but I still managed to sneak in some editing and writing time…somewhere. Anyway, I’m Chapter 8 now, and when I opened it it was 35 pages and 20k words. WELL OKAY THEN. I think that’s the record for this novel. I mean, I write long chapters as it is anyway, but even for me this is kinda ridiculous. I’m almost through and have it down to a whole spankin’ 34 pages (on the readthrough, i’m sure it’ll go down further once I hit search and destroy mode) but I’m laughing to myself. It’s taking a whole week to edit this chapter. At least it’s mostly dialogue!

That’s all for this week, really, but I guess I’ll throw a question in here anyway to make it more worth your time: What’s the longest chapter you’ve ever written? Aaaaand go!