Weekly Writing Check-In: Awards! Editing! Yay!

Things have been rather hectic this week – in preparation of moving home I’ve began packing, and woah, all my stuff doubled since I moved here last year! (And I’ve been diligently shipping things home once a week, so this is quite a feat) and of course I’m just all in a tizzy because stuff is getting expensive up in hurr. I just keep telling myself that ~everything will be fine~ but you know, moving stress!

On the editing front, I’ve finally plowed through evil chapter 8 and think I’ve edited it as much as I can now. There reaches a point where all you can think is “WORDS DON’T MEAN ANYTHING ANYMORE” when you read the same scene over and over again.

Moving on…it’s award time! Wow, it’s been a while! But the wonderful Yelena Casale has given me not one but TWO awards! Woo hoo! Here’s the first one:

Sunshine Award

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
  • Write a post about it.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and let them know.

Here are the questions:

Favorite color: Orange. I should hope it’s obvious by now.

Favorite animal: Cats. There are no other animals.

Favorite number: Anything except 9.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water.

Facebook or Twitter: Both are pretty good at ruining any day by showing off how awful people can be.

My passion: Writing, cats, and (listening to/writing about) music.

Getting or giving presents: I would say “getting” but then that just means I’m getting more crap.

Favorite pattern: …what.

Favorite day of the week: On a standard week – Saturday. Because you can sleep in AND stay up late. All other days are wannabe posers.

Favorite flower: Rose, I guess? I’m not really partial to any specific flower. So long as they’re orange.

The next award!

Kreative Blogger Award

This award requires giving 7 random facts about oneself. Well, okay….

1. I have lived in Japan three times now for varying lengths and with some time in between – however, I’m moving back to America at the end of this month. See above for my packing woes.

2. Part of my packing woes come from me buying so many cheap Japanese CDs here. I collect CDs, particularly those of Asian artists. I currently own about over 400.

3. I can’t imagine a happy life without at least one badass cat in it.

4. Up until I was 20 I had very long hair. So long that I could sit on it. I finally got tired of it and realized it no longer fit the image I had of myself and cut it all off into a “pixie” style I still keep today. It suits me much more.

5. I consider myself a fan of video games but I play very few. My eternal loves will always be Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo 4 lyfe. (Final Fantasy wishes it was so cool.)

6. Soup and chocolate are my favorite foods, but never shall the two meet.

7. I wear fashionable wigs whenever I damn well feel like it. My favorite is a blond pixie style. (Sometimes you just gotta be blond.)

Done! Now it’s time to pass these on…hm, who shall it be?

Sarah Pearson 
HR Sinclair 
Aldrea Alien
Danika Dinsmore 
Alessandra Hinlo
Susan Francino 
Angela Cothran 

Sorry if you’ve already received one or both of these…or am I? 😉

/back to editing
/um i mean packing
/lbr I’m playing sims.