Weekly Writing Check-In: IN AMERICA…we get sick.

Hello all! I am back, yet again. Hopefully for good this time. As of yesterday I am officially moved back in America. I had a lovely and fun vacation in Tokyo, although silly me went out bar-hopping in Shinjuku Wednesday night…and if you don’t know, bars in Japan are REALLY small…like, seating only 10 people. Which mean they’re very, very crowded. And smoking is still a big thing in Japan, especially in bars. And little ol allergic-to-smoke me was surrounded by cigarette smoke and a friend who just got over the flu, and with my lowered immune system at the time, I woke up thursday with…a cough! Oh. Well you can imagine how well  I handled a cough on a 24 hour trip home. Remember Christmas when I came home and I instantly had laryngitis? Remember the flu I had earlier this month? It’s time for both!

So yeah, sick again. Although doing better now that I’ve finally found the right OTC drugs to take. But yes, checking in to let y’all know what’s going on with this blog. Entries should be resuming their normal pattern this following week as planned, unless I super-die from this flu again. See you around! And don’t hang out in Japanese bars with a low immune system! <3