Stuck in the RV of Camp NaNoWriMo

I’ll be here if you need me.

Here it is, 11:30 PM on the night of May 31st. Camp will be starting in a half hour and I had completely forgotten all about it until now.

lol oops. OOPS.

Well, it’s not the end of the world. I know what I’m doing. I know where the draft is going. (I think.) My big pain in the ass right now is just trying to figure out when I’ll have to time to write 2k a day when my life is revolving around ~super serious~ edits (of my own work and others’) and further research into the future of my business. And oh, the freelance writing. CANNOT FORGET THE BACON.

I’ll be okay. That’s what I tell myself. Shit, I finished how many Nanos while going through college? What the hell am I worried about? Just because I’m stuck in my parents’ house in what’s gearing up to be a hot summer (hot summer, a hot hot summer) and can barely focus on one thing let alone four…wait, am I whining? I don’t know. This whole entry is just stream of conscience blather.

…It is so hot in my room that my keys are sticking. sjdflkasjfa.

ANYWHOZER. I’ll be fine. I know I will be. I’ll finish Camp AND finish the edits of CROSS//Rebirth and send its broken shell to my first beta reader by the end of this upcoming month. I know I will! That’s not me psyching myself up. I actually will. And panic the whole time.

Pshaw. So who else is camping this month? Are you juggling all your other writing projects at the same time? I think that’s my problem. I’m used to my time being sucked up by NON writing enterprises. Now it’s like “oh you want me to do more writing. It’s like you think I’m a WRITER or something, jeez.”

Here’s my Camp profile~