Weekly Writing Check-In: One of those days.

Sigh. Today was a combination of biology hating me and the weather being nasty depressing, so I just felt awful and struggled to get anything done. Think my brain was forcing me to take a break from all the article writing, blogging, and novel writing (and editing!) Taking it in stride but I don’t like getting behind when I wasn’t busy with something else or otherwise “sick”.

Camp is Camp. I’m at about 8k for day three which puts me ahead. I’m writing about 2k a day (as my goal) until completion. I am enjoying and back in stride with the writing so that’s making it easier. I finally got through that heinously boring scene (I’ll have to go back through it on edits to make it interesting, because it is very plot relevant, I just hated writing it!) and get to write more depressing destruction. My fave. I’ve learned I’m not happy in this novel unless everyone is constantly being threatened by everyone else.

On one hand, I’m excited about going shopping and possibly to the movies tomorrow with the family – on the other, step-father insists we LEAVE at 9, and my life doesn’t begin until noon most days. Good thing I’m tired today and willing to go to bed early.