Hubpages Wednesday: Akina Nakamori, one of the greatest singers you’ve ever heard.

Yes, one of. She’s gonna be pretty high up there. Trust me, I know a thing or two about great Asian singers.

Akina Nakamori is one of THE women from the Golden Ages of J-pop, also known as the 1980s. Her deep and sultry voice outranked her peers’  vocals, and while they all did the “girl next door” song and dance, Akina was showing a more striking image that would later be called a “vamp” image.

Akina was one of the very first “oldies” artists I started listening to, and she was basically my gateway drug into the whole subgenre. She’s released over 20 original albums, over 20 best albums and collections, and numerous amazing cover albums. I implore all my readers to check her out below because she’s just, well, amazing. You don’t need to know Japanese to appreciate a woman of this caliber.

As for the hubs I’ve written about her, I recommend starting with Akina Nakamori: The Vamp of Classic J-pop. You can then hop on over and start exploring her extensive discography. I also have plans on writing up an article about her best songs and albums, but for now, I recommend checking out the videos below!