Weekly Writing Check-In: Breaking Down Those Benchmarks

Hey everyone! Busy week here on my blog, eh. Well, busy week with writing in general. First is the little thing of me breaking past 50k last night in Camp Nanowrimo! Yay! I didn’t even know it. I was taking words from different projects (more on that later) and apparently calculating wrong until I just sat down and did it last night and…surprise! 51k! (Plus whatever I wrote last night, lulz~) So yay.

What happened is that I was  working on CROSS//Process until I pretty much…didn’t want to anymore. It happens. The subject matter is super happy, with lots of violence and abuse and general “ugh” that it was starting to get ot me to constantly think about and consider. Meanwhile, I had this great short story/novella idea set in the same universe and just went with it. I’m over halfway through with it already, and, depending on how things go, I may end up publishing it first before CROSS//Rebirth, mostly because I need to start publishing things and getting this underway! (The story isn’t a fantasy, however. Just a queer romance / deconstruction of a 20 year long relationship. You know. Basics~)

Also, as you probably noticed, I wrote that short story on Friday in a record two hours, which I feel pretty accomplished about. I also managed to write an epic length hub these past two days and feel pretty accomplished about that – I’m also to 50 total and trying to think about what to write for the 50th one.

So, overall, I’m feeling pretty good on the writing front this week. Getting stuff done and making some good progress towards my bigger goals. Now, somebody please explain this to my parents? Yay good.