Weekly Writing Check-In: Facebook is Live! Also, writing in the present day.

First things first! To get ready for my releases this autumn, I’ve launched my official facebook page! I didn’t think I would be so excited about it, but apparently I am. I don’t have a cover image yet. Gonna wait until I have my first book cover ready to add to it. If you “like” it you can get instant notice of my new blog posts and my new articles over at HubPages and elsewhere around the Internet. Yay!

Now, in other weekly writing news, the novella is still coming along. I’ve got about four, maybe five scenes left to write before the first draft is done. It’s been a trip, mostly because this is my first time in a LONG time writing a story set in the “present day”. As in, right now, this month, at this moment, in the year 2012. The main CROSS// series starts in 2007 and ends in around 2011, and those latter ones won’t get written for a few more years probably. So I’m not used to relying on up-to-date technology and always dropping everything to look up “did they have this yet in 2007?” It’s kind of…liberating~.

Then again all your historical peeps are probably laughing at me right now.  Just let me have this moment. :p