Face the Space, the Prologue

Good Lord I look like a weeaboo.

The picture you see to the left is the current state of my “office corner” in my bedroom. It’s a mess. A very obnoxious mess because shit keeps falling off the top (and there’s some yuck things at the bottom of those piles, I’m pretty sure) and I just want to light it all on fire. Well, not really. I would miss a lot of that stuff, considering I bought most of it in Japan. (Also isn’t my Pikachu back support pillow ADORABLE~)

So today while I was at ye olde Wally World I noticed they were starting their back 2 skewlz sales crap and had aisles upon aisles of office supplies. Well we all know that’s mah crack! And since I just got paid 100 dollars from the United States Postal Service for my insurance claim in May, I decided WHY NOT and bought up some cheap organization  crap so I can get started on this mess.

Sometime this week (probably the day after I finish editing/rewriting parts of this novella and send it off to readers, since that’s my priority) I am going to tackle this corner and make it not look like a 10yo otaku-wannabe threw up in it. My main goal is to get the DESK itself gutted and organized, although I’m sure in the process I’ll start working on the floor. I’ll be sure to post the after shot!

…Also, I swear the rest of my room isn’t this messy. Kinda. I did tidy up the floor a couple weeks ago…