New Layout + Facebook Update!

Yup, it got done! The new layout around here is looking spiffy, if I do say so myself. Switched from 2 columns to three and moved some stuff around. Also, the “Projects” page is now the “Books” page, while I’ve taken down the schedule. Also, the layout is optimized for widescreens, so there may be some scrolling on smaller, squarer monitors…which probably isn’t a lot of you, and if it is, congrats, you are the 1% of computer users and are probably used to it! =P

Also, the Facebook page has  a new look now as well! I’m loving seeing this cover everywhere, let me tell ya. Love it so much I wish I could make wallpapers for y’all to download, but my usage license doesn’t let me. OH WELL.

I’m glad that’s over with. Refreshing to see a new layout, but don’ task me how long it took to hack into the blogger html to change some super simple things that should’ve been easier to do. Good thing I used to code websites by hand ~way back in the day~. Ugh.