REN’AI RENSAI Character Profile 2: Aiko Takeuchi

After the joy and fun of last week’s character profile, I decided to, you know, follow it up with another one, right on schedule! Only two more to go after this one! And then, launch day!

Today’s feature is the other main character of the REN’AI RENSAI series, Aiko Takeuchi..She’s practically the polar opposite of Reina, so expect! A lot! Of exclamations!

(Note: As the series jumps around a span of 20 or so years, profiles tend to cover everything in that time period.)



Name: Aiko Takeuchi (竹内愛子)

I really need to learn to take solo screens of my Sims.

Birthday: September 12th, 1973
Zodiac (Western): Virgo
Zodiac (Eastern): Ox
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5’1
Weight: 95 lbs. 
Voice: Low
Speech Patterns: Feminine


Fave Color: Pink

Fave Food: Grilled salmon
Fave Drink: Gin
Fave Music: Popular music from the late 80s//early 90s
Clothing Style (Teens): Skirts and dresses
Clothing Style (Adult):  Jeans with Blouses, Occasional skirt/dress in hotter months.
Hobbies: Cooking/Baking, Shopping, Reading, Watching and critiquing movies with lesbian couples.

Camera’s over here, sweetie.


Natal Family:  Mother, Father, Two older brothers, Two older sisters
Sexuality: Lesbian
Partner: Reina Yamada
Best Friend: Yuri Furusawa
Occupation(s): Student, Housewife
Comes Off As: Naive, Friendly
Sub/Dom: Sub, with inclination to switch.

Aiko grew up the youngest child in a sheltering family. Growing up it was impressed upon her that, while it was important for her to study and get a good degree, ultimately getting married to a man and having his children was her expectation.  Thus Aiko harbored multiple dreams as a child of lavish weddings and idealized the symbol of the housewife in Japanese society. Each time she got a new boyfriend her dreams were renewed, but Aiko was quick to find that none of her boyfriends were an adequate match for her.

Always, always a proper lady~

Her studies revolved around the English language and Western culture, leading her to enroll in an all-women’s university focusing on international studies after graduating high school. One day she visited her cousin’s place of work and met Reina, who flirted with her and made Aiko consider her sexuality for the very first time.

As she began a relationship with Reina, Aiko realized she had to choose between her/society’s ideals, and what would make her happiest. In the end she sacrificed her dreams of marriage and children to become a housewife for Reina, aware that nobody would ever take their relationship seriously, assuming they even knew. In the process, Aiko lost a majority of her friends and lost the respect of her family. Even in later years Aiko retains some of her naivete and has a habit of outing herself to the wrong people at the wrong time. Although she’s in a controversial kind of relationship, Aiko remains sheltered in how people will truly react to her way of life.

Somebody really should make that bed.

She is an empathetic person, always trying to help those around her. This often leads her to overextending herself and falling deeper when she realizes her unemotional girlfriend won’t support her. Over time Aiko begins to become more and more jaded, and although she continues to strive to be optimistic, reality often contradicts her. She goes in and out of lesbian oriented organizations with the intent to help, but is often rejected because of her girlfriend’s philandering past. This has lead to Aiko having an isolated life, with the exception of one friend, her neighbor Yuri. She is also one of the only people outside of Aiko’s family to know of her sexuality, let alone support her. Although Yuri is married and has a child, she later comes out as gay to Aiko and becomes one of her only lovers outside of her relationship with Reina. Even so, Aiko often wishes she had more friends and family that didn’t force themselves to be polite to her.

On one hand Aiko tries to convince herself all her sacrifices in the social world were worth it so she could be with Reina, but on the other, her moments of despair and frustration have increased. Her desire to express her emotions (especially love) often clash with Reina’s listlessness and boredom. Sometimes Aiko considers breaking off  their twenty-year-long relationship, but in the end, her love for somebody she’s not sure even loves her back is too strong. Aiko convinces herself it doesn’t matter, but lives for the day when Reina will reciprocate her feelings, willingly and openly.

Naughty secrets on a slide? Well, I never.