Weekly Writing Check-In: Check out the goodies!

They’re here! Friday the UPS man showed up with my VistaPrint orders for business cards (just in time for the writer’s conference next month!) and REN’AI RENSAI bookmarks! Take a gander, and please excuse the awful glare on the photo. I took about 10 photos in different locations around my house but that was seriously the best I could get.

The business cards came out totally awesome, even if the paper quality is kinda meh and not glossy. I ended up using one of their premade layouts since it fit my needs perfectly. (Look at those flowers and BUTTERFLIES!) The bookmarks were created from scratch and made three apiece on their postcards. Now, the only issue is that I have no idea how to cut them. The only sharp edges in this house are dull scissors and meh knives. My family is convinced I could just use scissors, but I am also convinced that my family is not thinking this through. I will prevail, though!

In other writing news, not much else is going on except massive editing. Starting Tuesday at the latest I will be pulling 5k days in the hopes of getting the first draft of RR 4 finished in a timely manner. Unless it just pisses me off so much  I go NOPE and work on something else. (It’ll be coming out the end of March and should be novella length, so I shoooould have time.)

Regardless, one of my goals this month is to do more MARKETING. Which I hate. I hate marketing. But I need to take a couple hours out of my day I would otherwise be fooling around on message boards to actually market my work. Because like as not it’s not selling itself and word of mouth only gets me movie money every month. WHELP. This will be fun.

(Those hot bookmarks though.)