Weekly Writing Check-In: Big Life Changes Are (Perhaps) Afoot

This past week has been an emotional whirlwind for me. On a lark I started applying to day jobs again, not expecting to get anything. Well, unless things start to go seriously south in more ways than one, it looks like I may be moving up to Portland (a seven hour drive from here in lil’ ol Curry County, OR) for a full time job. If that comes to pass, it will mean a lot of changes with my publishing business. Mostly, time. Right now I work about 12 hour days on my publishing business. This is how I am able to put out so much so quickly, because I am CONSTANTLY working. I will go from 12 hour days to 2 hour days. Releases will become sparser.

But on the flip side.

I will no longer have to worry about making money with my releases. I can just write what I want and get it out there. Assuming I have the time and energy to do it.

There are a lot of other feelings involved as well. Nothing I really want to get into here because lol no but tl;dr, I just wanna write all day.

That said, I’ve got another REN’AI RENSAI SHORT coming out tomorrow, and book 3 is in a couple of weeks! Back to work!