Weekly Writing Check-In: Prioritizing

I find myself in the really strange place of having SO MUCH to do I’m not sure what order to do it in. Usually, I am great at prioritizing things I have to do so my brain doesn’t explode from anxiety, but I think my issue today is that they’re all things that have to be done around the same time, and some things I have to wait for approval on, and and and…

Basically, this is what I’m looking at:

  • Submit SEIKOU to all retailers at certain times so they’ll show up on around the same day. Maybe.
  • Continue writing the first draft of Book 4
  • Start a short story for my new pen name
  • Finish the next RR short
  • Futz around with cover mocks for multiple series
  • More futzing with paperbacks (Hatsukoi should be out this week!)
  • Mail stuff
  • Other crap no1curr about.

I’ve actually managed to get through most of this today, but I’m always in that state of “should I be working on something else first instead? And there’s the part where I’m not sure I’m in the mood to write…just watch Japanese dramas…and play Sims…my life.

How y’all doing? Busy this week? NOT busy this week? Maybe it’s time to start hiring personal assistants.