Weekly Writing Check-In: Conventions and More!

The biggest news of the week is, of course, The South Coast Writers Conference I attended yesterday in Gold Beach yesterday. In years past I have written up a blow-by-blow account of the sessions I attended and what I thought overall. This year, not only do I not have the energy or time to do so, but I’m not sure what the point would be. As usual, the conference was great. I had some good fun, talked to some people (I know right! I got out of the house!!!) and overall had a pleasant day doing my writerly thing. It was rather odd talking about my series REN’AI RENSAI out loud, though. Simply because I have never said those words out loud before! Amazing, isn’t it? But yes, if you live in the Oregon south coast area, I highly recommend going next year if you have the chance!

Otherwise, things are much the same. My pen name series is doing its job and pulling in most of my income this month! The second book is coming out, oh, tomorrow, so I’m hoping that will really help things take off?

Now I pose a question to you. Have you ever been to a writer’s conference? What did you get out of it? Would you go again?