Weekly Writing Check-In: And the band keeps marching on

Yet another week of ups and downs! (Are we shocked? Nope!) On one hand, I saw the highest sales day of my writing career yet on Friday! Any not just on one channel! Europe! Asia! CANADA! Amazon! B&N! Are! Smashwords! FREAKIN’ KOBO! (Big deal because I’ve had ONE sale on Kobo since October. One!) About half of those sales have been from my erotica pen name. Who knew porn moved copies? I know. Breaking ground here.

On the other, things that are completely beyond my control are festering again. People are sick and surprise!bills are popping up. That’s life. But it would be nice if for just ONCE I had a little control over it!

I’m in major editing mode again. This weekend alone I’ve done edits on an erotica piece, the next RR short, AND the next RR novel! (Which I should be working on right now.) Can you believe it’s almost March already? I don’t know if I’m happy or upset that this year is going by so fast. Guess that’s what happens when you do nothing but work and all the days bleed together.

Hope everyone out there is having, at the least, a decent week!