Read and Ebook Week Promotion! All REN’AI RENSAI novels 25-50% off!

Did you know it’s Read and Ebook Week? Well, it is! From March 3-9th, everyone is asked to try reading at least one ebook. This also means that many vendors are having great ebook sales! At the forefront is Smashwords (click link for a full list of participating ebooks) where you can get books on sale for 25, 50, 75 or even 100% off! Am I participating? You bet!

Get each novel in the REN’AI RENSAI lesbian erotic romance series for a limited time discount!


“DAISUKI.” – Enter coupon code REW50 for 50% off!

“HATSUKOI.” – Enter coupon code REW25 for 25% off!

“SEIKOU.” – Enter coupon code REW25 for  25% off!

Smashwords provides any format, including Kindle Mobi, Epub, and, yes, PDF. They even accept paypal instead of credit cards.