It’s been a month since the last RR release, hasn’t it? I think that’s the longest we’ve gone since the time between the first two books! Well, time for a new one, isn’t it? I’m particularly happy with this one. From the cover to the theme (and to the contents themselves,) I think you’re gonna like it!

The big day has finally arrived: after traveling across one ocean and spending half her life savings, Aiko is about to marry Reina, the woman she has loved for over twenty years. The dress is perfect, the December day sunny, and Reina actually showed up, but there’s one thing clawing at Aiko’s nerves like a rabid beast – the “tokoiri,” or consummation of their marriage that is to come that night. Although Aiko has spent most of her nights with Reina before, she is convinced it will be different now that they are married. From the nuptials to the late-night banter and everything in between, this “tokoiri” may fray the last of Aiko’s sanity yet!

“TOKOIRI.” takes place on December 17th, 2012.

Excerpt below!

            “I don’t want tonight to be half-assed!”
            Unclenching her fists, Reina stood straight up with a perplexed demeanor. “Tonight? Half-assed? What are you going on about?”
            Aiko rubbed her forearms with sweaty palms. “We have to tokoiri, you know.”
            Tokoiri? What are we? Some feudal straight couple?” Reina scratched her head. “Ha! I wonder who will come check the sheets tomorrow, eh?”
            “I’m serious!”
            Reina lowered her arm again. “Ai-chan…we’re not exactly new to fucking each other.”
            I know! She could kick the door right about now! Twenty years of having sex with Reina…of course she knew! But this was different. “I don’t want to lie on the bed and have you rut on me for two minutes before rolling off and snoring!”
            “Hey! It’s longer than two minutes!”
            “And I don’t want to sit in a hot tub or take a shower! I want to make love!” Tears she did not anticipate came running down her cheeks. She slapped her hands over her face to hide her embarrassment.
            After two dry sobs, Reina put both her hands on Aiko’s shoulders and brought her into an embrace.

            “I’m serious.” Aiko’s voice was muffled by her spouse’s jacket. “I want tonight to be special. We can’t consummate our marriage on mediocrity.”

            Reina rubbed Aiko’s back, fingers dancing between her dress and the bare part of her spine. “Is this like when you wanted to have perfect sex the day we moved in together?”
            “That’s a lot of pressure.”
            “You’re telling me!”
            Reina pulled away and stroked her wife’s wet cheek. “I don’t want you to be unhappy today. But I don’t want you putting that sort of pressure on the both of us as well! What if I can’t deliver what you need? What if no matter what I do you feel it wasn’t good enough for our wedding night?”
            “That’s impossible. You’re always good enough for me.”
            “Then what is there to worry about?”
            Aiko sniffed the last of her impromptu tears and turned away. “I want it to be romantic. I want to feel like we’re making love, not having sex for the sake of it.”
            Hands reappeared on her bare shoulders – Reina’s palms were as warm as the tears drying on Aiko’s skin. “With you, Ai-chan, it’s never sex for the sake of it. Making love to you is never just another thing to do.”
            Aiko laid her hand upon Reina’s and relaxed. “Do you promise?”
            Reina nuzzled her nose into her wife’s ear and exhaled a long, warm breath. Kisses followed along the edge of her face. “From the first time we did it, I’ve only looked forward to sex with you.”
            Aiko could remember that first time: Christmas Day, 1992. We’ll be honeymooning on Christmas. That was the day Aiko decided she was ready to lose her virginity, and not to anyone – to Reina, the woman she was on her fourth date with. How quickly life changed. Just earlier that same month Aiko had known nothing about her own homosexuality. Not until she met Reina, who drew it out of her like the sun brings out the core of a flower. Like one Christmas Day. Aiko’s favorite day.
           “I want to make love,” she said, turning in Reina’s embrace and clinging to her arms. “I want to feel everything I felt that first time we did it, and the second, and every time since then. I want it to be fast, and slow; easy, and hard.” With Reina it was always a little of everything. Sometimes a lot of everything. “Just you and me and our bodies, like it was that first time.”
            Jya, you know what you want, all right.” Reina cupped her hands around her wife’s face and kissed her forehead. “But what about what I want?”
            Aiko laughed. I can only guess what she wants. “What do you want, anata?
            Reina rubbed her hands along Aiko’s bare arms, testing the strength of her biceps and the dent of her elbow. “I want to make you happy. And I want to feel passion with you as well.”
            Something tumbled in Aiko’s groin as her spouse’s hands tumbled to her behind. Even now she still can make me blush on my wedding night. “Do you want romance?”
            “I want whatever we do.”
            Their next kiss could have been their last.
“TOKOIRI.” is a Kindle only title that can be purchased here!