Putting the L in LGBT Music: Rainie Yang

When it comes to lesbian music in Asia, China and its territories such as Taiwan and Hong Kong seem to be the greatest places to find it. At the very least, C-pop artists are more open about lesbian themes than their K-pop and J-pop counterparts. Why this is, I can only speculate, and would be taking us completely off track! (ba dum tsch.)

One of C-pop’s greatest darlings out of Taiwan is the dual singer and actress Rainie Yang. While she is not “out” as anyone but herself, Rainie has starred in a fair share of lesbian themed movies (such as the critically acclaimed “Spider Lillies” – which I will review soon) and written music for correlating projects. Her latest album, “Wishing For Happiness,” features a music video and mini-drama of the same name. In the drama (which is about a half hour long) Rainie is proposed to by her current boyfriend, but it’s quickly revealed that she used to have a girlfriend – well, more than one! It’s a short drama so the plot is rather glossed over, but the acting is great and the candidness with which the lesbian relationships are treated with is refreshing in a world hung up on gay angst and traumatic endings. For a quick, hopeful pick-me-up, I recommend Rainie Yang’s “Wishing For Happiness” mini-drama. The song is fantastic as well.

Below is the music video, which highlights the drama.

And below is Part 1 of the full drama, with English subtitles. Parts 2 and 3 can be found on Dailymotion.