OUT NOW: “KOIBUMI,” Book 5 of Ren’Ai Rensai

It’s finally out! The final installment of REN’AI RENSAI for at least a year! Everything comes together in this book…trust me, that’s why it ended up as long as it did. 😉

When Aiko declared her love for Reina twenty years ago, she knew it came with a price. Dreams of motherhood she once set aside, however, come rushing back when she assists her pregnant niece with a shocking secret. Other dreams left dormant surge when an intelligent, attractive man offers her a chance at a “normal” life, complete with a reassessment of her sexuality. If only she could have it all – especially the child!

No one could be less maternal than Reina, and her wife’s conversations about adoption, sperm donors, and other matters do nothing to improve that. Reina is more concerned with the American looking to chronicle her sordid history in the name of academia.

Aiko and Reina have survived a gamut of obstacles determined to keep them apart. Yet nothing scares Reina more than losing her wife to the very things she can’t give her, and nothing torments Aiko more than the emptiness in her life. If these two can’t resolve their separate desires, then not even a heartfelt “koibumi,” or love letter, may keep them together.

“Koibumi.”  takes place from Jul. – Sept., 2013