Putting the L In LGBT Music: Rockstar Steady (Nanase Aikawa)

I speak from way too much experience when I say that finding lesbian representation in Japan is like looking for lesbian representation on the moon. Finding lesbian music artists is even more impossible. That’s why you pretty much take what you can get and just run with it.

Nanase Aikawa is one of those artists you take with glee.

A superstar in the late ’90s, Nanase has always had a bad girl image and was one of the pioneers of women doing popular rock music in Japan. (As opposed to bands or being on the fringes of popularity.) Her unique voice, style, and attitude really tore apart the music scene for a good few years. Needless to say, a badass like that (it’s not known if it’s true or not, but it’s said that she used to be in a gang in high school) is going to attract the attention of women and girls looking for someone shirking conformity as well. One of those groups is lesbians. Nanase has always had a large lesbian fanbase in Japan, so it was no surprise that when a survey asked a lesbian base a few years ago, “What Japanese female celebrity do you most want to sleep with?” Nanase Aikawa came out on top. Nanase, who broke hearts over a decade ago by having a shotgun marriage with a man (whom she is still married to, and has a total of three sons with) took it with great humor.

In fact, she pretty much ran away with the idea of being a lesbian idol.

Back in ye olde 2010 (which is Jesus times according to the Internet) Nanase started up a side project called “Rockstar Steady,” with songs and an image playing on lesbian themes. Most of the songs (almost all of which are in English) talk about problems with girlfriends, being fed up with men, the usual stuff. The main attraction of Rockstar Steady is Nanase’s slick butchy image and rocking attitude. She’s always leaned toward rock, but she goes all out for Rockstar Steady.

Check out the video for “Fine Fine Day” below, one of the hottest videos she’s ever done – she even makes out with an Italian model for a few seconds. Yay!

And here’s a blast from the ’90s and one of the greatest J-pop songs ever created. Oh, and see what Japanese lesbians fell in love with. 😉