Input Wanted!

Out of curiosity, I am wondering how much you, the people who take their time to read this blog, are interested in me continuing to write some reviews on lesbian themed movies from around the world. (Okay, mostly form Asia.) I was thinking about this after I watched a great movie tonight, and am thinking that I should share it with all of you tomorrow when I have time to do so.

I always want to share more reviews of movies I watch, but it’s difficult for me to find the time to do so. I usually watch these movies when I am performing chores online and around the room, so when they’re finished I’m usually busy right away with other things. By the time I have the, well, time to write out a review, I often forget most of what I wanted to say. Then I reach a point where I’m not sure I should take out even more time because it might not have much of audience.

There are other great blogs out there that review lesbian themed movies, so I’m not sure if my opinion matters much in that regard. But if any of you are interested in my recommendations and why, let me know! If there’s enough interest then I may add the topic to my need to update this blog more.