Behold! I Hath Returned! Praise Technology!

When my main computing machine died at the end of February, I had no idea what a pain it would be. Most of my files were backed up (save for my VERY IMPORTANT paperback interiors, apparently!) and I had my netbook to run my business (and you know, Internetz) from, but the world decided that the netbook wouldn’t be powerful enough to let me do, you know, stuff, and Lenovo, from whom I purchased my new computer, decided to sit on their asses for a month before shipping the damn thing.

WELL IT’S HERE. It’s also probably a little queer, because God knows it’s gonna be full of lesbians. (No not that way get your mind out of the gutter. We can’t all have that.)

Behold my new Lenovo Y510p, a very nice little machine that I am so far pleased with, minus WTF USB port placements. IT GLOWS RED.

With no flash! (Yuck!)
With flash! (Also yuck!)

I have named it RANJU, to match my netbook REON. You’re either going to get that or not. Hint they’re named after Takarazuka actresses. My last two matching machines were named AYUMU and MEGU so this naming my computers after real people is not new, haha.

Having a new and speedy dedicated computer means I’m going to be around a lot more often now. Especially since I just finished up edits on NIGOU and thus have a lot more time again. Woo! To celebrate, I will be releasing some info the coming days, including maybe a coughcoughgiveawaycoughcough so be sure to stick around for that!

Now excuse me, I have The Sims 3 to install.