A Tale Of Epic Novels And The Pratfalls They Provide

Ah, I have returned to my blog, full of the proper shame necessary to inform everyone that I am a writer of epic-sized novels (your friendly local neighborhood doorstopper, really,) and this means you can’t trust me when I say “lol this huge freakin’ book will totally be coming out this month!!!!”

YEAAAAH not really.

To be fair, all previous estimates for a release date for “ZUTTO” were up in the air because they relied on two critical things: editing and other projects going on. As much as I wish I  could say I make my bread and butter from writing novels under this name, the honest truth is that I don’t. So sometimes projects under this name have to take a backseat and we just gotta roll with it!

But let’s remember, my name is Hildred and I am a writer of epic novels. Even if they’re romance. Okay, seriously, especially if they’re romance.

All this is leading up to a pretty big announcement! First, you really CAN BELIEVE ME when I tell you that ZUTTO will be coming out by, at the latest, May 29th, 2015. Possibly earlier! How do I know I can finally tell you this with great confidence? Why, it’s done! It’s edited! All that’s left is to put on the finishing touches and make it into a beautiful book! IT’S SO CLOSE.

I laugh at myself, really, because things have been so crazy this year. One thing that’s made it crazy is a brand new project I’m working on under this name. I basically took all of March off and, yes, a good chunk of April to write a 220,000 word doorstopper. Standalone. Romance. Yes, yes, lesbians in Japan. BUT it’s NOT a Ren’Ai Rensai novel! It’s a brand new cast of characters albeit a familiar setting (especially if you’ve read Jiai Jouwa.) I have no idea at this point when it will be released, I’m shooting for sometime this summer, but ahaha, let’s make no promises, right?

The novel is called Love, Yumi and you can follow some excerpts I’ll be posting at my tumblr. Hope to see you there!