OUT NOW: “Zutto.” Book 3 of Jiai Jouwa

For two years Jun and Saya have slowly built a romantic relationship based on love and mutual respect. Although they come from vastly different backgrounds, their determination has helped them carve a home in Nagoya, the city in the heart of Japan.

They assumed it would last forever. Then Jun’s uncle Akihiro drops a surprise on them: they’re moving back to Sapporo, where Jun will finally assume the title of heir to her family’s hospitality empire.

It’s everything Jun has wanted since she began her career fifteen years ago. It’s everything Saya has feared.

Now back in Sapporo, Jun must navigate the anxious waters that will lead her to becoming chairman one day. And Saya must learn to cope with her new glamorous lifestyle, all while fighting back the loneliness that haunts Japan’s northernmost city.

Ex-lovers, new friends, and old drama all come together to put Jun and Saya through their biggest test yet. It’s not enough for them to want to be together zutto, or forever. They must find the one thing that brings and keeps them together the most – a thing more precious than love itself.

“ZUTTO.” takes place from January – June, 2015. 

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