NEW RELEASE: Liquid Courage

One year after being hospitalized for a life-changing illness, Vivian is finally ready to get back into dating. Things are definitely looking up when a beautiful woman named Shari asks her out for drinks – and possibly more.

Too bad the night turns whisky-sour when Shari not only rejects Vivian, but confirms her most self-conscious fears!

Enter Kat the bartender, who has seen this train wreck of a date with her own observant eyes. It’s not the first time Shari has destroyed a woman’s self-confidence in one night, but it is the first time Kat has decided to personally cheer up the latest victim.

What ensues is the most fateful week to ever befall Vivian the legal secretary and Kat the bartender. Nobody’s sure if a real relationship is on the docket – all they know is that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and at least one drink is always on the house.