NEW RELEASE: Bound – Reflection

This book is a retelling of the events in BOUND. It’s recommended to read that book first. 

The one thing I was never allowed to have growing up has come for me.

My brother is dead. My mother might as well be dead. My father? Dead as well, but he’s the reason nobody knows my big brother died twenty-five years ago.

They think I died. They think I’m him.

For most of my life, I have posed as my brother. I’ve shed everything that naturally came to me and embraced the life of a man. It’s the only way, I was told. To keep and save everything my family has built over generations.

The only price? My identity. My sanity.

 she came along.

An intern named Natalie.

A man like Eric isn’t supposed to fall in love with his interns. It’s bad enough his ex-fiancée is his personal assistant. But an intern? An unknown quantity who doesn’t know the truth?

A woman like Erica would definitely fall in love with Natalie, a woman who will either set me free… or destroy me.

Do I follow my heart and embrace this vivacious, brilliant woman who claims to want to know every dark part of me while risking everything I’ve ever known? Or do I follow my head and continue to live the lie I was thrust into as a child?

If I’m telling you this, we already know which path I chose.