NEW RELEASE: Menage a L’amour

One needs help…

For over three years, girlfriends Jane, Caitlyn and Rebecca have been living together in domestic bliss. Punctured with productive days at work and hot nights at home, their idyllic relationship couldn’t be better.

Until there’s an issue with Jane’s visa.

Now, armed with the best immigration lawyer in town, Jane is prepared to do whatever it takes to stay in America.

Another doesn’t want to rock the boat…

When it’s apparent that the answer is for Jane to marry one of her girlfriends, Caitlyn immediately absolves herself as a candidate. She and Jane have already been married before, and she knows she can’t go on that roller coaster again.

That leaves Rebecca, who is more than willing to marry Jane if that’s what it takes to keep their family together. Yet as the big day draws closer, she worries that the unique closeness between her and Jane might once again chase Caitlyn away.

And another yearns for them to always be together…

In the midst of the legal chaos comes another challenge. Jane’s sister is in town for mysterious reasons, and Caitlyn is the only one who can help. While everything crashes, burns, and grows again around her, will Caitlyn succumb to the pressure, or will she be the rock that everyone around her needs more than ever?

Is love ever enough?