NEW RELEASE: Into the Night

Their love is as dark as the night…

No couple grabs attention quite like Mitch and Vanessa, two of America’s most enigmatic performers on the adult club circuit. And when they’re not winning some of the top prizes in the world, they’re engaging in a private romance that toes the line between sinful and unlawful.

The FBI knows this. Which is why one agent is willing to strike a deal.

If Mitch the “perfect submissive” and Vanessa the “mysterious Mistress” agree to go undercover in one of San Francisco’s most illicit clubs, their charges will disappear.

And as bright as fire…

Here comes Candace Lister, the owner of Club Night. Candace isn’t just a ruthless businesswoman – she’s also accused of being one of California’s most dangerous human traffickers.

And she’s jealous of Vanessa because she has one thing Candace doesn’t – Mitch, the most covetous chameleon on the circuit.

Candace will do anything to have her.

Burn, baby, burn…

Everything Vanessa and Mitch have built for themselves is on the line. And what was once therapy for their traumatized souls now becomes a matter of life and death as Mitch is tasked with seducing Candace into the FBI’s crosshairs.

But Candace is more dangerous than law enforcement. She’s the same as Vanessa… yet darker. And the couple knows it might only be a matter of time before danger creeps past their doorstep.

A brand-new fire named Mitch and Vanessa is about to catch in Club Night.