NEW RELEASE: The Contract

Jamie needs a job. Etta needs a sub.

Surely, they can come to some sort of agreement.

Jamie is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she’s spotted by Etta Coleman, the smart and striking billionaire bachelorette who tears through assistants like cheap tissues.

Etta wants her. To be her assistant. To be her submissive.

For six months all Jamie has to do is be at Etta’s beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom… and in the bedroom.

In return, she’ll become a millionaire.

They say that every woman has her price. Etta is willing to pay Jamie’s. Now she will enter a decadent world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white-collar power.

The moment Jamie signs that billion-dollar contract, she belongs to Etta Coleman. Body… and heart!

This is a sapphic retelling of the 2015 serial THE BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT by Cynthia Dane.