NEW RELEASE: Rekindling the Spark

When passion burns to ash…

After nearly fifteen years together, college sweethearts Paige and Rhea have it all. But while they’re fulfilled in their separate careers and call their place in Santa Monica a home, something simmers beneath the surface.

They have grown apart, and the ember that once stoked their marriage threatens to extinguish.

A consultation with a couple’s therapist tells them what they’ve already suspected: Paige and Rhea must reconnect on more than a personal level. It has to be intimate – and it has to teach them new things they never knew about each other.

Like how they’ve both been harboring unspoken fears and fantasies for years.

When fantasies reignite the flame…

It’s time for athletic, go-getting Paige to face who she used to be in college. She can’t run from her past, such as the frivolous relationships of her youth to how suppressed her desires have become.

And it’s time for sensitive, artistic Rhea to give a voice to the insecurities that have plagued her since college, when she desperately wished to be part of her future wife’s carnal world.

From the club scene to lakefront cabins, Paige and Rhea are about to embark on the kind of therapy that will either rekindle their passion… or tear them apart.

Either way, it’ll be forever!

REKINDLING THE SPARK is a spicy romance with a HEA. Featuring a married couple well into their relationship, the things they get up to will both kindle the imagination… and make you drop this scalding hot book!