NEW RELEASE: Lesbians in Malibu

Three years after getting married, Eva and Nadia Warren are set for a year of travel, adventure, and shenanigans!

The sands of Malibu welcome Eva and her wife Nadia for a week of sun, surf, and sin, but it’s not as easy as putting on a bikini and working on a tan.

Because Isabella, Eva’s bigoted mother, is in town and wants to talk.

To the tune of “California Dreamin’” and “Surfin’ USA,” Eva has to wrangle Isabella’s plans for her daughter’s parental future. Nadia, meanwhile, is either saddled with babysitting her niece or making nice with the waitress at the local retro diner right on the shores of Zuma Beach.

Neither Nadia nor Eva have forgotten their promise at the start of the year. Yet between family drama and the crushing existential dread that haunts their last big vacation of the year, Nadia may not be in the mood and even Eva might have other things on her mind.

Until a Malibu waitress crosses their path for the final time, anyway.

It’s the ultimate turning point of this marriage as Eva comes to terms with her future and Nadia discovers a side of her that’s been yearning to thrive for years!

All Malibu knows is that the PCH has never seen a hot night like this before!