NEW RELEASE: Lesbians in Vegas

When Eva and Nadia attend a charity auction in Las Vegas, it’s with the understanding that it’ll be another run-of-the-mill weekend of glitz, glamour, and gambling.

Yet the single woman sitting at a high-stakes blackjack table is none other than Lacey Cruz, the jilted
college rival whose heart Eva shattered over ten years ago!

Nadia is immediately drawn to the woman who makes Eva uneasy. So much so that when Lacey appears at the “bachelorette” auction, Nadia makes her move.

For one weekend, Lacey’s companionship is hers. So is Eva’s blessing, with the caveat that Lacey keep her hands to herself!

But when chemistry simmers between two of the most unlikely people, Eva sees an opportunity. She can either get jealous – or she can remind her wife of a promise they made only a few months ago.

It’s time to call Nadia’s bluff in the midst of Sin City!