It’s like Easter, but without the bunny droppings.

So here I am, re-reading through the second chapter of the first volume of Nagnomei when I come across two wonderful things within the same sentence:

-A horrendously amusing typo. (It’s “foot”, damnit, not “food”!)

-An Easter Egg I left myself when I wrote this section. Naturally I forgot that I ever wrote it, but reading it now I realize just kinda…how cute it is. Maybe some reader someday will catch onto it and get a chuckle themselves, but until then it’s nice to know that I’m thinking of myself when I write this dribble? =P

And it’s three in the morning. And I’m listening to amazing Zelda music. And I’m working on a fantasy novel. And I have class in the morning…

Confound it. =(