“I’m trading in my novels for textbooks.”

Well, not really, but I do have to apologize for being so quiet lately because I moved back to school…twice. Long story. Has nothing to do with writing. Really.

But yes, now I am back at school. Senior year, it be. That means more lovely places to write but hardly the time to do so. Never fear, for I will still attempt my weekly musings here (and other places) for sometimes just simply writing ABOUT writing gets my rear in gear to actually…write. And when I write, I have things to write about here. It’s win/win. No, really!

For now my days are filled with classes, socializing, some homework, and the nights…filled with still unpacking and organizing. Once this mess is over I will get back to writing at nights. I just can’t write in a messy room, you know? It nags at me.

Of course, reading research continues for Nagnomei in particular. I’m always picking up books on religions to read for said series, and it gets the juices flowing, so hopefully I will get added inspiration from that as well.

Until then, I am being heralded, so writing will have to wait for later. Ta-ta!