“Befoe the story, there was what happened…before the story.”

Nanowrimo is drawing to a close and I’ve got about 3k left to go. Not too much to worry about, especially with a relatively empty night before me. However, it is a bit daunting to see so many of my nano buddies crossing the line now…of course I would like to blame getting sick TWICE this month (first with a kidney infection, then a cold, of all things) for not being done by now, but there you have it. I am confident I will finish, but it’s just a matter of doing it within the next 24 hours.

Of course, something rather silly happened over Thanksgiving break that is writing related, and I thought this would be a good chance to share it.

While watching a movie with my family I suddenly came up with a great idea for a possible prologue in CROSS//Rebirth, and also the very first thing meant to be read in the series by any reader. (The prequel novel does not count, as it’s meant to be read at least halfway through the series). I then proceeded to write it in a little less than two hours. I find it hilarious that this inspiration comes to me when the first draft itself is almost complete…considering I always write chronologically. And yet prologues are almost always an exception, usually because they take place so much earlier than the rest of my story, so it’s like writing an entirely different short story altogether. I’ve noticed this trend especially in the modern novels I write…it seems that I can’t come up with an actual prologue for first novels in a series until about at least halfway through that draft. Maybe it’s because until then I haven’t come up with the entire feel of the story. Maybe it’s because I’m just mentally and creatively lazy like that.

So to those of you who were/are doing nano…did you finish? If you did, was it your first time or just one of many in an awesome streak? If you didn’t, are you sad or did you expect to not finish? I’m curious, so share. <3