This is starting to look a little “iffy’.

Well, ten days in (I haven’t written today yet) and here are the current numbers:
Total Words Written in October: 13,307
Average Words Per Day: 1,331
Behind By: 3,363

Not too bad when I finally look at the numbers like that. My original goal was to write the standard 1667 a day, but I switched that up to 2000 when I was starting to fall monstrously behind only a few days in. It helps now that I can finally see the ending of the draft coming, even if it feels so slow getting to it. If I keep writing 2k a day I should be able to more than meet my goal, but of course, the ultimate goal is finishing this draft before November. Easier said than done!

Also from the Nano news from, my job as regional ML is finally starting to begin as members come out of the woodwork on the site. Currently there are 13 people signed up to my region (it’s a small region, okay – there were 63 last year.) and about six have said hi so I’m counting that as a success, ha. Pretty soon right around my birthday I’ll have to start planning a kickoff party, and hopefully people will like it. Tonight I’ll be printing off fliers to post in the libraries and bookstores around here, which is a GOOD IDEA because so far all my people are coming from North Bend and that’s on the opposite end of the county.

You know what, screw this. It’s taken me TWO HOURS to get this blog entry done. I’ve gotta go write guys. I’VE GOTTA GO WRITE.